Welcome to PT. KK Label Indonesia

PT. KK Label Indonesia is a company engaged in the business sectors of industry and trade in printing paper (coated one side, two side coated, uncoated 2 side), stickers (gloss and uncoated sticker) and Heat Transfer Label (Paper, PET and Reflective).

Our Products & Services

Offset printing, paper box, heat transfer label, hang tag

Our Products

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Being a printing company that can meet the demand of customers with quality products and improve productivity for the betterment of the company


Provide Quality Product with high value added, following the development of technology, providing customer service and satisfaction



heat transfer label printing offset layer packaging

Team Work

Work with team

Our team always keep our teamwork and work in team to get the best performance
KKLabel - Heat Transfer label and offset Printing


Consistency to Process Quality

Our team always keep the consistency with our Quality and each work proccess respectively.
heat transfer label offset printing layer packaging


Ownship belonging

We are the team with high integrity and responsibility
heat transfer label, offset printing, layer, packaging


Best Quality Product

Our team always keep to produce best product with high Value added
heat transfer label, offset printing, layer, packaging


Creative and Unique Idea

We are the team who always have an creative and unique idea to improve and growth our company